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 Welcome to Byart Crystals & Gemstones! 

Byart was born in 1995, in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, with the purpose of bringing beauty and good energy to our customers, in the form of exclusive pieces.

Acting seriously and with a lot of good energy, we work with a focus on taking our Jewels, Stones and Natural Crystals to the entire national territory, and also to the international territory, thus creating a network of customers and partners.

We work with ready-to-deliver jewelry, decorative items in stones, crystals and we also manufacture bespoke jewelry. The entire process of choosing, manufacturing, separating and packaging is done manually and with great love.

Our deliveries are daily so that you receive your product as soon as possible and safely. Our raw material is acquired in a responsible manner, contributing to the development of families and local communities of small extractors.

Crystal Shop in Amsterdam and Belo Horizonte

Family Business - Andrea Onofri e Fabio Onofri 

Those in the photo are me, Andrea Onofri and my father, Fabio Onofri. Together we lead to Byart Crystals & Gemstones. Our family business is a great joy that provides us with good meetings, good deals and good energy. I currently manage things in Europe and my father is in Brazil and the USA. 

If you like quality products and have good taste, we will get along very well. We can help you find your perfect jewel and or the stone that will bring the energy and good fluids you expect into your life.

Make yourself at home!

PS.: Check some of our values ;)

Byart Crystals and Gemstones Value

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