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In this portal, we will share all sorts of information about the positive energy of crystals, and how you can benefit from them. Every month, you get new access to a new module. Learn more about the specific effects of certain stones, how to incorporate crystals in your existing self-care routine and how to care for your stones so they don't lose their potency or beauty.

Crystals and stones have received the energy of volcanoes and the strength of the planet's internal movement for millions of years. Therefore, they have an enormous amount of energy stored inside them.

This natural energy from the crystals pulsates all the time, emitting waves in frequencies that are extremely beneficial to all forms of life on the planet. In addition to the various experiments and millions of cases of evidence of the positive uses of crystals, the final proof of their beneficial effects is given by quantum physics. According to this theory, all matter in the Universe is formed by energy in constant vibration and all physical bodies interact with each other by exchanging energies in the form of waves. 

From a spiritual point of view, we realise that each stone influences us to a type of thinking and feeling, hence the explanation of why a crystal can favour the manifestation of prosperity, love, enthusiasm, strength and other advantages in our lives.

From a historical point of view, we note that kings, queens, wizards and priests of different civilisations have always made use of the energies of stones and crystals.

Even from a scientific point of view, we see the energies of the crystals being used in laser devices, computers, cell phones, satellites, televisions, medical equipment, etc.

And now, these energies are also in your hands!

You have a crystal in your hands and now what? We’ll start with the first steps to get the most benefit from your crystals.

Check out the “How to Care for Your Crystals” module and learn how to get started.

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