Monthly Budget Box - €24.90

The Monthly Budget Box is a great option if you are looking to build up your collection and start using your stones to support you from the get-go.

Learning Portal Access: Yes (worth 79,90)

Shipping: Included

Box Frequency: Monthly

What's Included In The Price?

Your membership includes:

  • Monthly packages handpicked for you and your needs.
  • All shipping and handling fees
  • Immediate access to the Crystals & Gemstones Learning Portal (worth €79,90).

What's In My Subscription Box?

You will receive a monthly package with selection of items, such as crystals (tumbled and rough stones, small points, balls, hearts), regular pendants and bead bracelets.


How to Subscribe?

Please click here.

When Will I Receive My Shipments?

We process the subscription boxes on the first of the month, or the first working day thereafter if the first falls on a weekend or holiday. 

Your first box will be shipped to you at the beginning of next month. 

Have you just missed the shipping date, and would you like to receive this months box too? No problem! Just get in touch and we'll make that happen.

How Will I Know How To Use My Crystals?

Your subscription includes full access to the Learning Portal, so you will learn exactly how to make the most of your crystals and pendants. Each month a new module will be released with a different topic. You get access while you are subscribed.   

Learn more about the specific effects of certain stones, how to incorporate crystals in your existing self-care routine and how to care for your stones so they don't lose their potency or beauty.

    How Can I Cancel My Subscription?

    You may cancel your subscription at any time. Please note that if cancellation takes place after your subscription box has been dispatched, the cancellation will take effect from the following month.


    Ready to subscribe? Please click here.

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