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All-Flow Necklace


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This necklace, called All-flow Energy, is available in different variants:
- Lapis Lazuli (horizontal) with Clear Quartz (vertical)
- Lapis Lazuli (horizontal) with Smoky Quartz (vertical)
- Clear Quartz (horizontal) with Clear Quartz (vertical)

The horizontal stone causes energy to flow horizontally. The vertical stone causes energy to flow vertically. This will let the energy flow naturally around you while wearing it. 

Lapis Lazuli and Clear Quartz pair
The Lapis Lazuli goes well with the Clear Quartz. Clear Quartz has a cleaning and amplifying energy, which goes well with the leadership qualities of Lapis Lazuli.

Lapis Lazuli and Smoky Quartz pair
The Smoky Quartz qualities, like removing limiting beliefs and the grounding effects, helps with the leaderships energy of the Lapis Lazuli.

Clear Quartz and Clear Quartz pair
The energy of the Clear Quartz is gentle and has cleaning qualities. Due to the double Clear Quartz, it has a double effect. 

Material: Gold Plated filled with brass and Nickel-free.

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