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Clear Quartz 4 Leaves Clover Pendants - Gold Plated


Why should I have it?

Clear Quartz is mostly known for its incredible ability to manifest our intentions. It awakens our soul's call to what is important to be done in all aspects: emotional, professional, relationships, among many others.

This crystal is also capable to increase the connection between our own body and nature itself. It is a master healer!

Why should I wear it?

It allows your daily life to be filled with peace, tranquillity and harmony. No matter where you are. 

It is great to use as a necklace so you can have the security of taking with you all the benefits that clear quartz provides.

It cleanses the negative memories attached to the clothes you are wearing. It also matches all clothes ;)

Besides, the four-leaf clover pendant brings luck to your everyday! Each leaf has a meaning: love, faith, health and luck.

It does not come with the chain.

Metal: Gold Plated.

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