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Crystal Intention Candle & Engraved Palo Santo - various options


Only 1 piece in stock!

The perfect gift for this season! Either for yourself or a dear friend.
Each candle is adorned with one of a kind crystal chips. Set your intention, light your candle and let the flames radiate your aspirations around your room.

Choose your Crystal Intention Candles! Three options available & the phrase engraved in the Palo Santo:

Confidence, New Beginnings, Optimism.
This sunshine yellow crystal is all about success: Financial, professional or personal. Much like the sun burning through grey clouds, Citrine burns off negativity. Refreshing Mandarin and Basil fragrance.

Rose Quartz
To embrace and love your true self
Rose Quartz is like a huge hug. It’ll ground you and slow everything down, helping you mellow out and be kind and compassionate to yourself. This stone helps you stay in the present moment, your worries fading away. Classic freshly picked rose fragrance.

Clear Quartz
Energising, Balancing, Empowering
This enlightening stone emanates pure white light to help cleanse your energy, balance your chakras and energise your mind body and soul. It allows us to rise above the noise of daily chatter to a heightened state of connectivity with self and spirit. Refreshing peppermint and spearmint scent with a hint of white tea.

  • Burn time – 18 hours (approx.) 90ml

  • Comes with crystal chips cleansed and charged.

  • Vegan Friendly + Cruelty-Free

  • Paraffin and Phthalate free

  • Presented in a gift box perfect for Christmas or any other special occasion!
  • Hand Poured in UK.

With an extra: a Palo Santo engraved with powerfull phrase. Choose yours!

Please add at the note which one do you want. If you don´t write any, we will ask the universe to pick one for you   ;)



Luck is within me

Geluk zit in mij

Surrounded by love (SOLD OUT)

Omringd door liefde

I attract abundance

Ik trek voorspoed aan

I believe in myself (SOLD OUT)

Ik geloof in mijzelf

I let go

Ik laat los


It only comes with the Crystal Intention Candle adorned with one of a kind crystal chips. The other stones in the pictures are intented to show as decoration.

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