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Flower of Emerald & Pink Tourmaline Ring - Full 14k Gold


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A beautiful, rare and exclusive BYART ring made with 14k full gold, with Colombian flower of Emerald and Pink Tourmaline, two powerful gemstones. 

Pink Tourmaline is the quintessential heart-chakra stone. It is a representative of the feminine, or yin energies. It is unsurpassed for healing old emotional wounds, particularly those of childhood. It emanates a soft, soothing energy that engenders feeling of comfort, safety and nurturance. 

Emerald helps attune one's vibrational pattern to the spectrum of abundance, allowing one to attract what one needs and desires.

The combination of those two crystals represents the heart Chakra.

The Colombian Emerald Flower is a very rare gemstone. 

Size: 53 EU (1.7 cm diameter)
Material : 14k Gold
Weight: 1.7 grams
Flower Emerald: 1 cm
Pink Tourmaline: 0.4 cm

You can customize and order it to your ring size. Get in touch via

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