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Pristine Laser Quartz Necklace


Find the key to your heart in this Pristine Laser Quartz Necklace. The design features a laser quartz, the most powerful master healing stone that has so many benefits. Plated in gold, it would make a lovely gift! 

Laser Quartz is the name given to a form of Quartz points which are naturally long and tapered towards the termination, with usually one point bigger than the other one. 

Being a form of Clear Quartz, it is as well one of the most powerful of the master healing stones as it works on so many levels.

This vibrational healer is an exceptional conductor and amplifier of energy. It also cleans and harmonize energies. Ideal for those who need to release some bad habits, bad people and bad energy or simple want to feel more in harmony.

Material: 18k Gold Plated
Length: 40 cm + 10cm extension 

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