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Rose Quartz 4 Leaves Clover Pendants - Gold Plated


Why should I have it?

Rose Quartz is the stone of love that enables inner healing and purification of the emotional body by activating the Heart Chakra. It´s even better when used as a pendant, close to the Heart Chakra.

It also repels negative energies and increases the vibrations of love, enabling harmony and peace in relationships. It protects the heart of negative feelings such as hatred, anger, or jealousy. It helps us closing emotional wounds and soothes pain and feelings of loss.

Why should I wear it?

This wonderful crystal, when used as jewellery, can increase emotional balance and personal lightness.

It also brings lots of love and good energy to our body, no matter where you are during your day.

As a pendant, close to the Heart Chakra, it will help you balance the chakra.

Besides, the four-leaf clover pendants bring luck to your everyday! Each leaf has a meaning: love, faith, health and luck.

It does not come with the chain.

Metal: Gold Plated.

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