List of Crystal Meaning and Names

Let your path and purpose become crystal clear by trusting your vision and choosing your piece.

Our A-Z list with all our crystals available in store and online. Find the crystal you’re looking for and read about it’s meaning directly! Don’t forget to keep an eye on our list, because with every new collection, there’s new crystals.

Disclosure: Crystals support, enhance and amplify certain energy, but are not a replacement for medication or therapy. 

Agate - Transforming negative energy into positive energy. It might vary per agate type, since there are several types of Agates.
Agate, Bamboo Leaf - Balances yin & yang. Instils harmony.
Agate, Black - Provides prosperity and courage. It can be used for its grounding and balancing effect.
Agate, Blue - A calming stone with great healing energies.
Agate, Blue Laced - Healing and nurturing. Aids with the expression of thoughts and emotions. 
Agate, Brown - Comforting and protecting stone. Is soothing when dealing with loneliness, grief, and hurt. 
Agate, Dark Brown - Comforting and protection stone. Helps with grief.
Agate, Dendritic - Encourages the acceptance of one’s origin. Brings abundance in all areas. Creates peacefulness and encourages enjoyment. 
Agate, Grey - A stone of strength, grounding and protection. 
Agate, Orange - A stone for creativity & vitality. Helps one to bring birth to ideas and projects. Linked to the sacral chakra, our power house.
Agate, White - Helps improving energy and confidence. 
Agate, Light Blue - Help to bring tranquility and peace and will get rid of all the blockages in your area that prevent you from determining the answers.
Agate, Green - The primary meaning of Green Agate always revolves around the concept of balance.
Agate, Red - Red Agate can help you keep that fire burning, ensuring that dark energy doesn’t dim your shine or stop you from living your purpose. 
Amazonite - A soothing stone. It calms the brain and nervous system. It also helps when you’re dealing with changes and soothes emotional trauma. 
Amethyst - To control one’s thoughts and mindfulness. It also supports spiritual and higher-self connection, enhancing intuition. In addition, it also prevents insomnia and sleeping problems.
Amethyst pink - Intuitive properties with its emotional healing, you get a powerful stone that helps you see beyond the emotions that cloud your mind. 
Ametrine - A combination of Amethyst and Citrine. Stands for balance and sooths emotions. Clears stress.
Apatite, Blue - Stone of manifestation. Activates psychic abilities and expanses the knowledge. 
Aquamarine - This is the stone of courage. It inspires truth and letting go. It carries a calming energy.
Aventurine, Green  - Brings optimism, happiness, courage and strength. Keeps the emotional body calm.
Aventurine, Purple - Promotes psychic awareness, supports you to live as your authentic self.
Amber - Amber is not a crystal. It is three resin that solidified and became fossilized. It has strong connections with the earth and is a grounding stone for higher energies. 

Beryl, Green - Calming stone. Removes negative energy also help to deal with a stressful life and shedding unnecessary baggage
Blue Quartz
 - Alleviates fear and enhances creativity and expression.

Calcite, Orange - Helps mobilizing one's energies resources, especially creativity and/or sexuality. Gets energy moving and encourages facing dilemmas.
Canga Rosa
 - The love stone. Helps feel a strong sense of self-worth. Treats deep heart wounds and emotional trauma. Is used more for complicated relational cases. 
Carnelian, Orange - Restores vitality and motivation. Stimulates creativity. 
Chalcedony - A nurturing stone that promotes brotherhood. Increases originality. Gives courage and strengthens the soul. 
Chrysoprase - Brings good fortune and prosperity. Promotes joy and happiness. 
Chrysocolla - It helps meditation and communication. Draws of negative energies of all kinds and bring you serenity.
Citrine - Brings joy, prosperity, and energy. The energy of the sun in a stone.
Clear Quartz - A powerful stone that harmonises and balances. Clear quartz is the most powerful healer and amplifier. 
Clear Quartz, Bi-terminated - Naturally bi-terminated (it has two points). This means that it recycles the negative energy into positivity. Clear quartz is the most powerful healer and amplifier.


Emerald - Vibrates abundance. Encourages attracting one needs and desires. Also helps open your heart and mind. Emerald is a stone of inspiration and infinite patience.

Fluorite, Rainbow - Calming energy. Helps clearing verbalisation of ideas. Also highly protective, on a psychic level.

Garnet - Stone for sensuality, strong and intense feelings and the utilization of creative energy. Helps to controls anger.
Gold Stone - Assist in attaining goals. 
Goldstone, Red - This stone of ambition, energy, and positivity will help you overcome any fear or obstacle by increasing your drive and confidence.
Green Gold - A deflector of unwanted energies.
Green Quartz - Considered ‘the nurse’ of the stones, as it’s good for the health. Also brings good fortune.

Hematite - This stone is known for connecting the body to the earth. Grounding and protecting. 
Howlite - Extremely calming stone, helps with insomnia

Imperial Topaz - A gemstone with God’s wisdom inside. Makes the mind stronger. Recharges spirituality and physically. Also great to manifest abundance, materializing it.

Jade - A symbol of serenity and purity. Increases love and nurturing. Also a protecting stone and brings harmony. 
Jasper -  A stone of grounding and stability. A supreme nurturer that’s helpful during times of stress. Each color represents a different aspect. There are several types of jaspers.
Jasper, Green - A stone of balance that heals and releases disease and obsession.
Jasper, Fancy - Brings wholeness. Cleans an environment.
Jasper, Red - A stone of empowerment. Brings strength to resist emotional domination by others. Helps with reconnecting to Earth’s ground energy and also linked to sexuality & fertility. 
Jasper, Leopard - It’s a powerful protection stone that will keep the negative energies away. Like the rest of the Jasper stones, Leopard Jasper will give you strength and vitality.

Kyanite, Blue - Encouraging communication and self expression. Helps with speaking one’s truth. Grounding spiritual vibrations, it brings spiritual integrity and maturation Also considered Archangel Michael sword, good for cutting vows and hooks. 
Kunzite - Kunzite will bring you inner peace and give you a high capacity for achieving wisdom and understanding.

Labradorite - A useful stone for transformation. A useful companion through change. The stone of magic, awakening mystical, magical and psychic powers from within. Its forms a barrier to negative energies.
Lapis Lazuli - A universal symbol of wisdom and truth. Stimulates enlightenment and encourages self-awareness. Considered a stone for leadership and friendship.
Laser Quartz - Natural formed, long slender quartz. Powerful instrument that should be used with caution due to its great power. Concentrates and accelerates energy passing through like a light beam. Great for rituals for changing negative energies into positive (such as limiting beliefs).
Lepidolite (Purple Mica) - Assists in the release and reorganisation of old behavioural and psychological patterns. Useful for reduction of depression and stress. 

Magnesite - If you’re looking for a big change in your life, this stone’s vibrations will help you create a powerful transformation and turn your weaknesses into strengths.
Manmade Pearl ( cultured ) - A cultured pearl results from the process by which a pearl farmer induces pearl formation by inserting an irritant into the mollusk and then “cultivating” the pearl. Cultured pearls are real pearls that were not formed by accident of nature. Most pearls sold today are cultured.
Malachite - Powerful stone that amplifies energy. A stone for protection, for it absorbs negative energy.
 - A nurturing stone that supports and sustains during times of stress. Helps with facing new experiences. 
Moonstone - Has a deep connection with the moon. Promotes healing and balance and enhances your intuition. Has a calming effect on the emotions.
Morganite - Brings healing, compassion and promise to those who wear it. Attuned to Divine Love, opening the heart on a deeper level. 
Mother of Pearl - Is the common name for an iridescent nacre coating, a blend of minerals that are secreted by oysters and other mollusks and deposited inside their shells, coating and protecting them from parasites and foreign objects.
Pearls signify wisdom, learning, creativity, perseverance, and purity to name a few.


Obsidian, Black - Protection stone against all negativity. Increases self-control and forces you to face up to one’s true self. It brings clarity, promotes growth, and enhances leadership skills.
Onyx - Gives strength and promotes strength. Supports self-confidence, helping you to be at ease in your surroundings.
Opal - Opal is a highly absorbent and reflective stone. It will pick up on your thoughts and emotions, magnify them, and send them back to you.
Opal, Pink - This crystal encourages important growth within your spirit. Next time you notice yourself judging someone else’s behavior, Pink Opal will inspire you to take a moment to truly see and hear the situation from their point of view.
Opal, Brazilian - Enkindles optimism, enthusiasm. Associated with love and passion and with desire and eroticism. Also an emotional stabilizer. 
Opalite - Removes energy blockages for the chakras. 
Orange Quartz - It will bring more joy and happiness, and they will strengthen your relationships.

Pyrite - Attracts money and abundance. Considered the money stone.

Quartz - Is the most powerful healing and energy amplifier.

Red Quartz - Relieves negative emotions and strengthens friendship. It has healing and balancing abilities. 
Rhodochrosite - Symbolizes selfless love. Increases empathy. Helps the heart dealing through pain. 
Rose Quartz - The stone of universal, unconditional love, and infinite peace. Restores trust and harmony.
Ruby - Represents purity and passion. Great for motivation. Also represents abundance.
Rutilated Quartz - Promotes spiritual growth. Cleanses and energizes the aura. Draws off negative energy. 
Rutilated Amethyst - powerful and protective stone.
Rubellite - The energies of this stone can heal and nurture your physical, emotional and spiritual body. It will remove anything that ails, worries, or scares you.

Sandstone, Gold - Builds energy, courage and a positive attitude. Increases drive and confidence. 
Sapphire, Black - 
Brings the wisdom of confidence in one’s own intuition.
Selenite - A stone that promotes energy flow, not allowing energy to stagnate. Also great for spiritual connection and cleansing other stones and ambiences. It can be used to form a protective grid around a house.
Smoky Quartz
 - Grounding, protective stone and transmutes negative energy. Disperses fears, lifts depression and negativity. 
Sodalite - Brings order and calmness to the mind. Unites logic and intuition. Helps with verbalizing feelings. 
Spirit Quartz - It will release you from any negative or fearful thought process and replace it with feelings of peace, freedom, and harmony.

Tiger Eye - Helps to release anxiety and fear. Aids with harmony and balance. It is helpful for resolving dilemmas and internal conflicts.
Topaz, Blue - Eternal romance and friendship. Honesty and clarity of feelings. Heightens the ability for communication and expression. 
Tourmaline, Black - Strong grounding forces and protection. Cleans and protects the aura and environment against negative and envy energies. 
Tourmaline, Green - Attracts luck, success, abundance and prosperity. Stone for self-healing. A nurturing stone for compassion and tenderness.
Tourmaline, Paraiba - Symbolizes wisdom, voice, insight and creativity. Most rare version of the tourmalines.
Tourmaline, Pink - A stone of attracting love, compassion and emotional healing and self love. 
Tourmaline, Red - Helps with understanding love. Balances. Boosts creativity and energises. 
Tourmaline, Watermelon - Affirming that you are one with your peace and joy of being. Brings in love, tenderness and friendship. The happiness stone.
Tourmaline, Bicolour - Encourages compassion for others and for yourself while enhancing innate healing abilities. It also helps in removing any blockages. 
Turquoise - Helps for depression and exhaustion. Promotes self-realisation and assists creative problem solving.   
Turquoise, African - Brings structure and balance to awaken one to their intended purpose.

Unakite - Unique and sensitive energy that blends the nurturing and growth symbolized by green with the love and innocence symbolized by pink.


White Quartz - Purifies negative energy. Boosts concentration. Enhances the feeling of happiness.





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