Tips For the: 🌕 Solar Eclipse 🌕

What is a Solar Eclipse? 

When the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, casting a shadow on the Earth's surface.

What this blog will cover:

1. Setting Intentions

2. Personal Astrological Chart

3. Journaling

4. Crystals To Use This Solar Eclipse


1. Setting Intentions

The April 8, 2024 eclipse falls within the sign of Aries, known for its qualities of courage, initiative, and forward movement. This can be a favorable time for setting intentions related to personal growth, leadership, and taking bold action in your life.

2. Personal Astrological Chart

You can consider how the eclipse may aspect your personal astrological chart. Look at which house the eclipse falls in and any aspects it makes to your natal planets. This can provide insights into the areas of your life that may be activated or highlighted during this time.

3. Journaling

When journaling or setting intentions during the April 8, 2024 eclipse, consider themes related to courage, new beginnings, completion, and spiritual growth. Reflect on areas of your life where you feel called to take decisive action or make significant changes. Trust your intuition and allow the energy of the eclipse to guide you in aligning with your highest path and purpose.

4. Crystals To Use For A Solar Eclipse

During a Solar Eclipse, crystals absorb the potent energy of both sunlight and moonlight, enhancing their properties.

Simply place your crystals on a garden or windowsill during the eclipse, allowing them to soak in the energy. Afterwards, program them with your desired intentions for maximum effect.

Citrine: This vibrant crystal of abundance and positivity resonates with solar energy, infusing the eclipse with optimism and manifestation power.

Black Tourmaline: Acting as a shield against negativity, Black Tourmaline keeps you grounded and protected amidst intense cosmic energies.

Smoky Quartz: Providing stability and resilience, Smoky Quartz clears away negativity and guides you towards confident new beginnings.

Labradorite: Offering clarity and insight, Labradorite empowers self-discovery and integration of shadow aspects during the eclipse.

Selenite: Purifying and uplifting, Selenite fosters inner peace and clarity, creating a clear channel for divine guidance during the eclipse.

Happy Solar Eclipse

We hope you are able to set good intentions and find the courage to make the decisions you need.

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