How to take of your jewelry

Hello ByArters, 

This is a blog on how best to look after your jewelry. ByArt is special as all of the jewellery is carefully handmade. 


At Byart, we make sure that each piece of jewelry is made with care, time, and love. As a result we cherish our creations and we love that you do too. We have written this blog to inform you more on the journey of the jewelry and how best to look after it. 


The jewelry includes delicate crystals formed over hundreds of years made by our powerful Mother Nature. We encourage you to handle them gently, as they can break if dropped. We see each crystal as nature's masterpiece as they are all so intricate and unique, we want you to be able to wear them and enjoy their beauty for as long as possible. 


The stones ability to survive for centuries implies that if breakage occurs, it likely stems from a significant impact in care and handling, given their relentless survival over centuries. 


Specific Crystals Wisdom:

  • Black Obsidian: Handle with care, as it's more prone to breakage than other stones.
  • Rose Quartz and Amethyst: Shield them from excessive sunlight to maintain their color vibrancy.
  • All stones: Do not apply direct heat to them as they can change clarity and colour. 
  • All stones: All stones have different strength densities, for example, a Diamond is a 10, Pyrite: 6 to 6.5, Sapphire: 9, Tourmaline: 7 to 7.5. Overall it is best to be delicate with any stone. 
  • Can't go under water: Celestite, Selentine 

Understanding Gold Plating:

Gold plating adds luxury to your jewelry. However, it's essential to treat it delicately. Exposure to chemicals like, moisturizers and perfumes, can cause fading. Avoid showering, swimming, or sweating excessively while wearing gold-plated pieces. If you prefer hassle-free maintenance, explore our range of Full Gold jewelry as it has guarantee to retain its gold for years to come.


Handle with Tender Care:

Our jewelry carries a delicate aesthetic which separates us from others. Yet, this delicacy requires mindful handling. Be cautious when sleeping or removing clothing, as a sudden tug or stretch can lead to unintended damage. It saddens us when our creations return broken, when we know how much time and care has been invested to make them. 


A Shared Commitment:

We love all our customers and strive to be your trusted partner in jewelry care. Let's cherish our ByArt pieces with pride and care, honoring the craftsmanship and love woven into each creation.

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