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Mini Pendant Crystals - 18k Gold Plated
Two Points - Bracelet Adjustable - 18k Gold Plated
Sacred Shapes Pendants - Gold Plated
Sacred Shapes Pendants - Gold Plated Sale priceFrom €34,90
Classic Box Chain - Necklace - Gold Plated
Green Tourmaline - Northern Lights Wrapped Ring - Gold Plated
Various Natural Stone Stud Earrings - 18k Gold Plated
4 Leaves Clover Pendants - Gold Plated
Mini Pendant Crystals - Silver Plated
To Be Fearless - Rectangular Ring - Gold Plated
Medium Raw Pyrite Ring - 18k Gold Plated
Pyrite Ring - 18k Gold Plated
Sold outBig Raw Pyrite Ring - 18k Gold Plated
Clear Quartz - Wrapped Raw Ring - Adjustable - Gold Plated
Sparkly Chain - Necklace - Gold Plated
Pointed Prism - Hoop Earrings - Various Stones - Gold Plated
Two Points Necklace in Various Stones - Gold Plated
Various Stones - Drop of Heaven - Necklace - 18k Gold Plated
Amethyst - Mountain Top - Raw Pendant - Gold Plated
Sold outSnake Chain - Bracelet - Gold Plated
Brown & Black Agate - Pendant - Your Mini Universe - Gold Plated
Pointed Prism - Pendant - Various Gemstones
Selenite Bowl - Crystals
Selenite Bowl - Crystals Sale priceFrom €14,60
Pendant Black Tourmaline - Silver Plated
Various Tumbled Stones Pendants - Silver Plated