June Birthstone

Hello Byarters! 

How are you? Curious to know the birthstone of June? So here we are! 

Elegant Pearl

Pearls have been associated with innocence, purity, balance, wisdom, and modesty. 

A symbol of wealth and good luck: These gems have always been rare, and in the past, divers braved the waves in search of oysters harboring the coveted pearls. Divers could search for years without success. Hence, finding a pearl was the meaning of very good luck.

Pearls were once so rare that only royalty wore them. Using pearls was a sign of wealth and social status.

Another gemstone for the month of June is... Moonstone!

It represents inner clarity and cyclical change, and it's a connection to feminine energy. It is a symbol of light and hope. 

moonstone ring

Enjoy those beautiful and elegant gemstones! 

"Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself". 

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