Crystal Consultation


This is Andrea Onofri, owner of Byart Crystals. Happy to have you here :)

I imagine that since you are here, you want some advice on how to place and use crystals in your home or even with you. You are in the right place!
Here you can book your consultation.


  • 60,00 Euros  

What's included?

  • One hour session consultation (at Byart Showroom or online).
  • Help with crystal placements in your house/office/clinic/etc.
  • Tips how to wear your crystals as jewelry or in your pockets.
  • A chance to get all your crystal related questions answered.
  • A chance to buy the best crystals for you (optional).


  • For online consultation (via Zoom or Whatsapp), please book one time slot. It works quite well; you can show Andrea your house/office/clinic/etc. and she can show you the best crystals for each room. (She has done like this more than dozen times and it works).
  • If you want in person consultation at your space, it is possible for The Netherlands locations. Please reach out to Andrea, on or +31 0627363382 (mobile or WhatsApp).
  • If you need other time slot, don't hesitate to reach out!
  • Bookings can be rescheduled / canceled with up to 48h before the appointment. If no show, the money won't be refunded. 
  • You have up to 3 months from the purchasing time to do the consultation.

What our customers say

''I love all of the pieces of Byart Crystals, they are not only beautiful but they do have some special energy. This might also be because Andrea is such a wonderful person, she knows me and knows what I like, she cares a lot about making the customer super happy. Byart is in my heart!'' - Everlin Piccinini

"Love it so much! Andrea is really knowledgeable with crystals, she can make the best recommendation on what crystals shuit you and how to work with them. Her crystals and jewelries are all so beautifully made as well. Also very good customer service. I visited her private studio in Amsterdam and she was willing to help me send my crystals to Germany. One of my jewelry needed fixing and she fixed it for free and sent them back to Germany. I got some rose quartz and clear quartz for their healing properties, and they are working just as expected. I really recommend booking a private appointment with her as you'll need to feel the crystals and connect to them for them to work. Andrea will help you with that." - Chia-Heng Lee


Do you want it as well?

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Best wishes,
Andrea Onofri

"Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself". 

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