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Discover our exquisite crystal collection! From healing stones to mesmerizing geodes, our curated selection brings positive energy and beauty to your life.

We have a selection of more than 100 crystals for beginners and also for the advanced collectors. 

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Agate with Iron - Crystals
Agate with Iron - Crystals Sale price€179,00
Flower of Amethyst with Yellow Calcite - Crystals
Flower of Amethyst - SKY - Crystals
Amethyst & Calcite Geode Cathedral - Crystals
Flower of Amethyst - The Galaxy - Crystals
Flower of Amethyst - Crystal
Flower of Amethyst - Crystal Sale price€168,00
Sugar Amethyst - Crystal
Sugar Amethyst - Crystal Sale price€198,00
Clear Quartz Druzy Cluster - Crystal
Sugar Druzy Amethyst - Crystal
Sugar Druzy Amethyst - Crystal Sale price€350,00
Fluorite with Pyrite Crystal
Fluorite with Pyrite Crystal Sale price€249,00
Special Green Tourmaline (Specimens)
Special Green Tourmaline (Specimens) Sale priceFrom €97,00
Pink Lithium with Golden Healer
Celestite Crystal - Small & Large Sale priceFrom €65,00
Pink Opal
Peruvian Pink Opal Tower Sale priceFrom €60,00
Rose Quartz
Crystal Workshop
Crystal Workshop Sale priceFrom €35,00
Druzy Pink Amethyst Point Crystals
Heart Shape Pink Amethyst Crystal
Heart Shape Pink Amethyst Crystal Sale priceFrom €45,00
Black Amethyst
Druzy Agate - Crystal
Druzy Agate - Crystal Sale priceFrom €37,00
Agate Moon Shaped - Crystal
Agate Moon Shaped - Crystal Sale price€60,00
Pink Amethyst Point - Crystals
Pink Amethyst Pointed - Crystal