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All our Crystals are carefully selected and our Crystal Jewelry is handmade by local families in the mountains of Brazil.

About Us

Hello, we are Fabio and Andrea Onofri! Father and daughter

Since 1995, we have been delivering quality and satisfaction through jewelry and crystals. 

Our selection of parts and products is made with great care and love so that our customers can have the best experience.

More than 100 different crystals

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What our customers are saying

"Excellent welcome and friendliness with customers. Professional and with truly quality stones."

- Rachele Crucianelli ★★★★★

''Incredible selection of products. Beautiful designs and a team that really care about you as a client. Highly recommend a visit! Whether you’re just starting out to wear crystals or you’re looking to expand your collection you will find something awesome here ''

- Kayleigh Fazan ★★★★★

''Best crystal store i’ve ever been to for men and women! Andrea and her great team always take the time for you and give the best advice. Go here if you need a present for someone else or want something yourself!"

- Daan ★★★★★

''The best crystal jewellery I've ever had with excellent customer service!''

- Bruna Guzzoni ★★★★★

''The products are of very good quality and really beautiful. I also got some help customizing with stones and length of the necklace and bracelet. Products were nicely packaged and quickly received.''

- MarjanChes ★★★★★