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Creativity & Ideas

All our jewelry creativity & ideas collection is here.

Based on the continuum vesica piscis, the symbol of creation.

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Mini Pendant Crystals - 18k Gold Plated
Two Points - Bracelet Adjustable - 18k Gold Plated
Various Natural Stone Stud Earrings - 18k Gold Plated
Mini Pendant Crystals - Silver Plated
To Be Fearless - Rectangular Ring - Gold Plated
Pointed Prism - Hoop Earrings - Various Stones - Gold Plated
Two Points Necklace in Various Stones - Gold Plated
Various Stones - Drop of Heaven - Necklace - 18k Gold Plated
Various Tumbled Stones Pendants - Silver Plated
Black Obsidian - Briolette Ring - Gold Plated
7 Chakras Choker Necklace 18k Gold Plated
Garnet - Wrapped Raw Ring - Adjustable - Gold Plated
Sold outTumbled 7 Chakras Pendants Set
Tumbled 7 Chakras Pendants Set Sale priceFrom €49,90
Orange Agate - Briolette Ring - Gold Plated
Blue Kyanite - Wrapped Raw Ring - Adjustable - Gold Plated
Sold out5 Different Tumbled Stones Bracelet - Gold Plated
Black Obsidian - Wrapped Raw Ring - Adjustable - Gold Plated
Orange Agate - Tumbled 5 Stones - Bracelet - Gold Plated
Scapular Necklace - Stones in the front & back loop
Natural Stone in Various Stones Bracelet - Adjustable Gold Plated
The Master Personal Diffuser Pendant - Silver & Several Stones
Sold outNecklace All Flow Black Obsidian and Clear Quartz - 18k Gold Plated
Amazonite & Black Obsidian - Mini Moon - Bracelet - Gold Plated
Various Crystals - Hoop Earrings - Silver Plated