Aquarius Season

20th January - 18th February

What to expect for the Aquarious season?

Aquarius Season: 20th January - 18th February

So, Aquarius is all about bringing fresh air into our lives. What the universe expects us to do is to open ourselves to new relationships, opportunities and Vision. But in order to do so, we’ll have to be brave enough to break the bondage of old patterns, especially of the Ego (star signs are presented to us through their “complementary opposites”, and Leo - a.k.a our ego and higher self - is Aquarius’ astrological duet). 

The necessity of seeing what is besides the boundaries of the ego will provide us with the opportunity of thinking collectively, to find better solutions, and take what the universe can bring us that will also benefit others. It’s sublime isn’t it? 

While breaking with the chains of pain, limiting beliefs and behavioral addictions, we’ll feel light-hearted enough to enjoy all the innovation, revolution, free spirit, humanitarianist and horizontal movements the light of the sun in Aquarius wants us to see. Aquarius is a chance to look at the future, to be unique and to transcend the barriers of the limited mind. 

    Crystals for the Aquarius Season

    How to work with your crystals: you can place big stones on your front door to attract good news to your life, and smaller ones on your work table and on accessories to carry this energy with you all day long. 

    Our favorite crystals to work this energy are: Sodalite, Blue Kyanite, Labradorite and Byart’s special Crystal Grid for courage!

    Tear Drop Labradorite 


    Other elements:

    Regent: Uranus

    Day of the week: Saturday

    Number: 4

    Animal: birds

    Colour: dark blue, turquoise 

    Herbs: dandelion and cat’s claw 


    This month’s Ritual

    Take a deep breath. 

    Close your eyes and visualize a protection circle around you.

    Write 3 things you’d like to stay in your past.

    Say thank you to these things (people and situations) for the knowledge you have received. 

    Tear the pieces of paper while you say out loud “These do not belong to me or to my life anymore” repeat as many times you want to.

    Gather them up on a safe vessel for burning it later. 

    Place a sodalite (or any of the Aquarius crystals) above them, and your hands above the sodalite (there is no need to touch the crystal but you can if you want to)

    Visualize a purple energy coming from your hands and energizing the crystal.

    Stay there for a few minutes. 

    When you feel the energy has worked, say thank you to the crystal for helping you out.

    Add dandelion herbs to the pieces of paper and burn them down (if you don’t have any dandelions, add your favorite herb for transmuting energy)

    While the fire is burning imagine these things going away and all the empty space they left.

    Now imagine this blank space being fulfilled with 3 positive news you’d like to receive in this Aquarius season.

    And that’s it! 

    We hope you have a splendid Aquarius season with lots of shifts,
    BYART Team.

    "Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself". 

    Coco Channel