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Basic Crystals

Explore the natural beauty and healing properties of our Basic Crystals collection. Hand-selected for quality and authenticity, each crystal offers a simple yet powerful addition to your spiritual practice or home decoration.

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Tumbled Labradorite
Labradorite Tumbled Stone - Crystal Sale priceFrom €18,90
Sold outSelenite Palm - Crystals
Selenite Palm - Crystals Sale price€21,60
Raw Rose Quartz - Crystals
Raw Rose Quartz - Crystals Sale price€47,90
Celestite Crystal - Small & Large Sale priceFrom €65,00
Druzy Pink Amethyst Point Crystals
Druzy Agate - Crystal
Druzy Agate - Crystal Sale priceFrom €37,00
Citrinated Quartz Cluster - Lemuriam
Emerald Crystal Point
Emerald Crystal Point Sale price€58,00
Amethyst Point - unique piece!
Big Rough Pyrite
Big Rough Pyrite Crystal Sale price€70,00
Rose Quartz
Pink Amethyst Point - Crystals
Pink Amethyst Pointed - Crystal
Pink Amethyst
Amethyst with Grey Shade - Crystal Ball
Moonstone Point
Moonstone Point - Crystal Sale price€39,90
Uruguayan Amethyst
Amethyst Uruguayan - Crystal Sale price€79,00
Special Labradorite
Medium Rough Pyrites
Medium Rough Pyrites Sale price€39,00
Orange Calcite Point - Crystal
Orange Calcite Point - Crystal Sale priceFrom €29,90
Red Jasper Crystal Ball
Red Jasper Crystal Ball Sale price€49,90