April Birthstone

Hello Byarters!

Curious to know which birthstone is for April's month? Here is a hint: a girl’s best friend!


April's birthstone is a girl's best friend, Diamonds! Every woman loves the beauty of a diamond and this month is all about it! Diamond comes from the word ‘Adamas’ in Greek, which means: ‘unconquerable or indestructible.’

What are Diamonds Good for?

Diamonds are also all about patience and strength. It takes billions of years to form. So, it represents the beauty of growing out of the dirt. It also symbolizes love, courage, elegance, and luxury. Men used to believe that wearing one would make you physically stronger. Mentally, it helps with clarity and overcoming challenges in life. On a spiritual level, people believe that it protects people from harm, curses, and evil eyes.

Do you wish to have a Diamond yourself?

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