September Birthstone

Hello lovely Byarters! 

Welcome to our new series about crystal birthstones! Are you interested for september's birthstone? Read along to find out :)

Sapphire Paradise

This month is all about the beautiful Sapphire. The September birthstone represents nobility, truth, transparacy and wisdom. It has a known connection with romance and royalty. Even back in time, the ancient elite Greeks and Romans believed that the Sapphire could protect them from harm.

Sapphire's comes in a spectrum of multiple colors, but the Blue Sapphire is one of the most popular ones. I think that can we agree that all September babies should at least have one Sapphire in their possession?! ;) 

How to combine your crystal jewelry?

Besides the wonderful effects of the Sapphire, there's magic in knowing how to combine your crystal jewelry to get the most potential from it.

It's important to know to wear jewelry that amplifies the effect of your day's intention(s). If you're going to work and wear a necklace that amplifies concentration, in combination with a ring that amplifies leadership and communication, you'll get a full package. The Lapis Lazuli and Sodalite are great examples of gaining concentration. Blue Kyanite is another example of boosting leadership.



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We hope you gave you some inspiration to match your jewelry that match your intentions! :) 

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