December Birthstone

Hello Byarters!

Some would argue that it's the loveliest month of the year - DECEMBER. We start it with our sweet Birthstone series! Curious which one it will be? The front image already give a hint :)

Read along to know more! 

Ocean Colors

The crystals of this month are all blue and sweet. The most important one is the Turquoise. Turquoise is excellent for depression and exhaustion, promotes self-realisation and assists creative problem solving.  It is also a symbol of friendship.

The Native Americans used this crystal to make jewelry and for ritual purposes. The Zuni language, of a Native American tribe, describe the word as: Sky stone. This because they wore turquoise to encourage rainfall. The Navajo thought Turquoise could help with health and protection and carried it with them while traveling. 

Are you interested in the mysterious Turquoise. Well, you're lucky that we only have one piece of Turquoise in our shop! So be quick if you want to be the lucky one! (PS.: This is a manmade Turquoise. The original ones are very expensive, so always check).

If you have any personal questions, you can always contact us! If you have any questions that require to step in deep(er) into your situation, you can always plan a Crystal Consultation with Andrea Onofri! 

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