Crystal Birthstones - November

Hello Byarters!

We're back with the crystal birthstone for this month! All the november babies, read along!

And for everyone else! Read further to see the last details of our sale! ;) 

Sunny Citrine

One of our favourite crystals, the sunny citrine! Citrine is a yellow quartz and the origine of its name comes from the french word for 'Lemon'. Citrine charges by the energy of the Sun due to its warm colour. It increases intuition, physical and mental capacity, giving wings to imagination and creativity.

Since ancient times, citrine has been used for jewelry for the royal people. They frequently mistook its yellow colour for the Yellow Topaz. The Egyptians were the first one that discovered this beautiful crystal. And later on, other dynasties found it too!

Grant yourself (or a friend) a Citrine if you're (or they) are born in november!

Citrine Rough Stones Citrine Earrings


(Yellow) Topaz

Also part of the November birthstone is the Topaz and all its family, especially the Yellow Topaz.

Topaz varies in lots of colours, like the rainbow. Some say that the word "topaz” originates from the Sanskrit word tapas, which means “fire". 

In ancient times, the Greeks believed that topaz gave them power and strength. Europeans even thought that it could thwart magic spells and dispel anger. In India they believed that topaz worn above the heart assures long life, beauty and intelligence.

Are you born in november, but don't have a Topaz yet? Get yours to tap more into your power!

Blue Topaz Necklace Imperial Topaz Stones

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We hope you'll find your favourite piece of your crystal birthstone!

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