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Article: Chakras & Crystals

Chakras & Crystals

Chakras & Crystals

What are the Chakras

Chakras are energy centres that control and balance our physical and spiritual bodies. Each chakra is associated with a specific coloured crystal and leads into different aspects of human emotion and behaviour.

Due to negative energies, stress and poor diet, Chakras lose their balance. This imbalance decreases health, disturbs emotions and disconnects us from spirituality. However, if we know how to use it, the energies of the stones can balance and even energize our Chakras.


Aligning the Chakras with the Crystals

Did you know that positive or negative conditions can be adjusted by placing the appropriate crystal in the specific chakra connected with that issue? Exactly! The crystals line up the chakras.

To experience these benefits, simply place the crystal in the corresponding chakra and leave it in place for 20 minutes or more, while you relax silently. The stones used can vary; each person is unique and has unique needs, so each bag of crystals that I deliver is personalized according to the needs of each one;)

The Stones and Chakras

There are several stones for each chakra. I will share with you, a sequence that I like:

Crystals & Chakras

Know a little bit of each stone of this sequence that I like a lot: 

Amethyst: crystal linked to the crown chakra, it helps us to connect with our inner wisdom, which knows much more than you think, and also to connect with the spiritual.

 Aventurine: also known as Green quartz; it is used in the third eye chakra, this crystal helps you see things that you aren’t, work in your health and relieves stress, thus bringing balance to the body, leading to mental and spiritual peace. Great for health too, being considered the crystal "nurse".

Sodalite: linked to the throat chakra (throat), its colour is light blue and acts on sound, vibration and form of communication. Help those who own it to speak its truth. Promotes emotional balance, activates logical thinking and artistic inspiration.

Rose Quartz: it is the stone of love and peace that enables inner healing and purification of the emotional body through the activation of the heart chakra. It repels negative energies and helps to enhance the vibrations of love, enables harmony and peace in established relationships and the family environment.

Citrine: It has an energy so intense that it allows it to recharge itself and charge other crystals. Its energetic characteristics are also very positive for all living beings, as they act by stimulating vitality and cellular regeneration. In addition, it is great for bringing money and abundance.

Orange Carnelian: linked to the sexual chakra, it is excellent for restoring vitality and motivation, allowing greater insight into reality. It greatly influences the female reproductive organs, increasing not only fertility but also allowing to overcome frigidity and impotence. In addition, it is great to help in creating idea and projects.

Black tourmaline: One of the strongest stones among all, it has the wonderful property of protecting against negative energy. It is essentially a protective stone and helps you to keep grounded.

Want to know more about how to align the chakras? Send an email and we will be very happy to talk to you more about the subject.

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