The power of crystals

Today we're going to talk a little bit about the power of Crystals! 

Crystals provide a smooth, non-invasive form of healing, a repair mechanism that brings things back into balance. They work through vibration, resonance and colour. They act on the body, the mind, the psychological and the spirit to restore balance. The power of the crystals is very extensive. In some cases, the crystals work quickly reversing negative frames. But other conditions may take longer to heal. Crystal healing takes into account the fact that your soul may be learning from your condition, and if so, the crystals will support you as you progress through the process.


Where the power of crystals comes from

Been generated by the most powerful energies on the planet for millions of years, crystals are by their nature true harmonic and beneficial energy sources. Each stone has its own specific energy and property; knowing this information allows us to have access to a powerful font of natural energy in our daily lives. Want to know more about the power of crystals and what are they for? Sign up for the newsletter and receive by email more practical and useful insights.

How the power of crystals works

Crystals work by transmitting energy. They absorb, focus, convert and transmit electromagnetic energy. The power of the crystals is incredible! They usually act on the chakras, centres that distribute energy throughout the body. The chakras can become blocked, leading to some conditions that, if not brought back into balance, eventually lead to physical illnesses in the body. So, the crystals directly assist in this unlock. One of the ways that the crystal works is as an antenna or cosmic transmitter, absorbing that energy, or from the spiritual level and taking it where it is. Not following us on Instagram? There, we bring lots of content to inspire you on a daily basis :) Follow us @byartcrystals


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