Check The Crystals for Each Personality

Do you know that there are specific crystals for each personality? They can help you enhance and balance your profile. Check it out!

Emotional Personality

Are you an emotional person?

Stones can help you find balance!

  • Fluorite helps you to sort things out and to bring order to the chaos in your head.
  • Aquamarine strengthens courage when you are overly sensitive and feel paralyzed by your emotions.
  • Clear quartz can help you to find more focus and clarity, when you are feeling overwhelmed.

Rational personality

Are you a rational person?

See below some crystals that can help you!

  • Rose quartz is the best crystal to put you in touch with your feelings and your heart. 
  • Amazonite soothes you and offers flow and inspiration. 
  • Pink tourmaline opens your heart to receive love and encourages emotional healing.

Introvert personality

Are you an introvert?

Check the stones that can help you!

  • Tiger's eye gives you the power to step outside yourself. 
  • Malachite encourages you to take risks and leave.
  • Blue chalcedony opens the throat chakra, which facilitates the expression of your thoughts and feelings.

Extrovert personality

Stones for those who are extrovert:

  • MOONSTONE - Calms you down and takes you to a safe place within yourself.
  • AMETHYST - Also helps you turn inwards and stay close to yourself.
  • AVENTURINE  - Strengthens your heart chakra and is the good fortune, outgoing crystal.

"Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself". 

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