Greater Meaning for Wearing Crystal Accessories

Since ancient civilizations, jewellery has been used for ornamentation. However, there are beliefs that point to a greater meaning for these accessories, linked even to protection. Ancient people believed that there was a higher power emanating from these objects, which conferred beneficial properties.


Regarding materials, gold was used widely to purify the mind, body and spirit, as it was believed that this metal had the power of renewal and healing. Silver also had a mystical attribution, used to maintain physical and mental balance. Regarding the accessories themselves, many meanings are attributed to each one.


Necklaces: Because they are placed around the neck and chest, these were used to protect the owner against evil spiritual forces and negative energies that could reach the heart and throat areas. This was amplified with the use of stones and metals known for their protective power, such as silver and tourmaline.


Rings: Because a ring has no beginning or end, they were associated with eternity, and therefore they conferred a greater connection with divine power. It was believed that using the ring finger, rings helped to ward off negative energies.


Earrings: were also seen as allies in capturing a greater connection with the divine, in addition to helping with mental stability. Even with the evolution of acupuncture, it was discovered that the ear region can be stimulated in order to help with problems such as anxiety and stress.


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