Back to work Tips

Hello Byarters!

Summer's almost over and it's time to get back into the workflow! No worries, we're here to save the day and want to give some tips and tricks to tune into your right flow!


Crystals to improve your workflow

Reducing Stress

Do you have a job that's quite stressful and triggers anxiety? Or are you a student that's continously stressed by due dates and exams? Then you may want to explore crystals that help with reducing stress. Of course the soft Aquamarine, the Rainbow Fluorite and the strong Black Obsidian are a few examples that aid with that. 

Bonus tip: Make yourself complete work ready! Place the Rainbow Fluorite on your desk and combine our aquamarine and black obsidian jewelry (see below for some inspiration).

Aquamarine with Carnelian Ring Black Obsidian Bracelet Rainbow Fluorite


Attracting Abundance and Money

Do you have a job where you can make lots of profits? Do want to attract more money in your company or paycheck? Then it may help to find crystals that attract abundance and money. Our famous Citrine and Pyrite are some favorites, but also the Emerald and Green Tourmaline could help with attracting more abundance into your workflow. 

Bonus tip: Wear an abundance attracting necklace and place another crystal on top of your desk to amplify the attraction, we've put a beautiful example here below!

Tumbled Citrine Necklace Emerald Collector's Piece


Concentration and Intellect

And last but not least, we also need concentration to focus, don't worry! We also have lots of crystals that boost your concentration and stimulate your intellectual levels! The Blue Topaz aids a lot with concentrating, while the Blue Apatite aids with intellect and knowlegde.

Bonus tip: Wear some Blue Topaz earrings and place a small Blue Apatite inside your pockets to combine the two!

Blue Topaz Earrings


That's it Byarters!

We hope this helps you adjust better into the new workflow! If you use other crystals that work for you or already prepared yourself for the new workflow, let us know in the comments! :) 

Much love,

Byart Crystals

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