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Article: Different uses for crystals - Max your crystal potential!

Different uses for crystals - Max your crystal potential!

Different uses for crystals - Max your crystal potential!

Hello lovely Byarters!

In this newsletter, we want to teach you everything about the different ways to use your crystals! This way you can use the maximum capacity from it! ;)

You can either:
- Carry it with you
- Wear it as jewelry
- Place it in your house (or other)

Read below to learn more how to utilize your crystals in different ways!

PS.: Whatever way you use the crystal, it's always important to clean them regularly. Click here if you want to know more about cleaning crystals. 


Carrying crystals

Blue Kyanite

Natural Blue Kyanite


There are endless ways to carry crystals with you. Carry it in your pockets or bag. Some people even carry small ones in their shoes or some women even in their bra's ;) 

Just like the jewelry, it's also important to select your crystals that amplifies your intentions for during the day. The advantage of this is that you don't have to worry about your looks or if it matches with your outfit. It will be just for you! 

Make sure you don't use pointy crystals, so they won't hurt you. Tumbled stones are always a no brainer choice.

Do you want them to support you with a specific intention, but don't know which crystal is best for it? Check our list of more than 100 crystals and their intentions


How to Use Crystal Jewelry

Crystal Jewelry

Rings in Biterminated Blue Quartz (right hand) and Blue Kyanite (left hand)

Pendant: Dendritc Agate

Bracelet: Blue Quartz


Whether you use rings, earrings, necklaces or bracelets, it's important that you carry them with intention.

The most important thing is to select your crystal jewelry that amplifies your intentions for during the day. If you're planning to work or study all day, make sure to select crystal jewelry that enhance your need to concentrate. You can check the list in the bottom above.

In doubt if there is difference in using the crystals as rings, necklaces or earrings? Click here to learn more about the difference.


How to Place Crystals

 Amethyst Geode


How beautiful is it to place your crystals as a decoration in your home or office? The nice part about this is that is can serve for decoration as for an energetic place in your house!

Placing the crystals with intention is highly important here! In contrary to the ones above, it is necessary to think of every 'purpose' a room has. The crystals you place in your bedroom won't be the same for your living room. Consider what each part of your house or office means to you and place the crystal there that can amplify the intention of it. 

That was it lovelies!
We hope you can use the most of your crystals now! :)

Feel free to ask us any questions if you want to dive deeper into this or for a more personal approach, register yourself for a crystal consultation.

Much crystal love!
Byart Crystals

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