Aries Season Crystal Ritual

Hello byarters, 

We hope you had great insights with Aries Season Highlights blog… And the exclusive ritual is here again, let’s manifest good vibes together? 

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Visualize you’re near your spirit animal and touch it (carry and touch your crystal as if it was the animal). Say thank you for bringing you motivation and enthusiasm, and for allowing you to connect to your instincts.

florest meditation


After you touch it, you become one, and you can feel a deep connection with your free self and wild spirit. 

As if you’re still your wild self, visualize yourself running in the forest until you arrive somewhere you want to do something that takes initiative - and see yourself doing it (but it gets very easy to do it). Happiness and a feeling of victory and accomplishment fulfills your body and runs through your veins.

You go back to the forest and there is a bonfire in front of you. The bonfire turns into the same flame from your candle and you open your eyes to look at it. Stare at your candle for one more minute and thank Nature for the courage it gave you. Let the candle burn until it finishes. 

And that’s it, guys, we hope you have a powerful. Always remember to listen to your intuition - and to your DREAMS! 


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