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Article: New Moon in Virgo Ritual

New Moon in Virgo Ritual

New Moon in Virgo Ritual

We must not forget that there will be a New Moon in Virgo! In the night between the 6th and 7th of september, this new moon will occur. This is a great oppurtunity to manifest your new work manifestations for the opcoming year. Virgo represents order, structure and work mentality, so it's a great amplifier to boost your workflow!


What do you need?

- A piece of paper
- A pen
- A candle
- Some incense


Steps for the New Moon Ritual:

1. Make yourself comfortable, make sure that your room is cleaned! 
2. Light up some incense to make yourself more comfortable
3. Grab your pen and notebook and write down the following sentences:

"I am abundant"
"I attract the oppurtinities that are meant for me"
"I am organised"
"Work will flow accordingly"
"I'm grateful for what I've accomplished this far"

(add other sentences if you want a more specific manifestation for yourself)

4. Repeat these sentences until 2 pages are full. 
5. Put the paper away and let go of it. You may either throw it away, put it away in a closet, burn it, but whatever you do: Do not become obsessed by it.

Thank you once again! We hope that this New Moon may aid you to accomplish the goals you've set for yoursefl! 

Much love,

Byart Crystals

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