Hello byarters, 

We hope you had great insights with Cancer Zodiac Season Highlights blog… And the exclusive ritual is here again, let’s manifest good vibes together? 

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Prepare a special bath with lavender (the herbs or the oil) and eucalyptus.

Light up two candles, add the crystals from the season.  Our favorite crystals to work with Cancer energy are: Moonstone, Amethyst, pearls, emerald.

Turn of the lights.

Put a soft music (we recommend jazz or classical, you can search for songs for “rainy days” for example)

After you take your usual bath, say:

“I respect the past and what I learnt from it.

I release myself from repeating the emotional patterns that hurt myself.

I feel worthy of love and being loved”

With the help of a bowl, pour this infusion, and for each part of your body that you bathe, say: 

“I clean all the grief and sorrow from my body, mind and soul.

I open myself to love, nourish and affection”

After your bath, take a piece of paper and a shell. Write a wish and place it inside or under the shell asking it to protect your desires. Carry the shell and the paper with some regularity visualizing yourself achieving what you desire. You can burn the paper when you accomplish it. 

And that’s it you guys, we really wish you can make the best connections ever in this Cancer Zodic season, 

Stay safe, be happy! 


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