Gemini Season - Exclusive Ritual

Hello byarters, 

We hope you had great insights with the Gemini Season Highlights blog… And the exclusive ritual is here again, let’s manifest good vibes together? 

What do you need for this month's ritual?

  • Lemongrass oil
  • A green candle
  • Marjoram to incense or another herb for mind clarity of your preference
  • Honey
  • Pencil and a piece of paper


The Ritual:

Clean the space around you and your hands.

Prepare the environment with lemongrass oil scent.

Take a deep breath and say thank you for all the important relationships you have built throughout your life. Picture these people’s faces. 

Light up the candle, use the incense around you to clean the space near you with circular motion. 

Now close your eyes and visualize a relationship in your life which is really important to you and you want to make this connection even better (it could be something professional that could get you to even bigger places or a romantic one).

Visualize this person in front of you.

Now put some honey in your mouth and say out loud: “(Person’s name) thank you for this important connection and to be open to my needs. I promise to listen and understand yours. May our relationship bring the best exchange for both of us. May our relationship help us to achieve happiness”

Now write down five times on a piece of paper: 

“I am gifted with the power to captivate with affection and attract the people who matter and will help me to be even happier.”

Now you will think of five people more, or groups of people that are important to you (family, friends, work staff, etc.) and you will say the sentence on the paper aloud.

After you do it, blow the paper imagining you are redirecting this energy to these people, picture them while you blow the paper (do it five times, each time for each person/group of people). 

Incense the paper and the space around you again, burn the paper (be sure you use a safe container) and let the candle burn until it is finished. 

Say thank you  for the connection with your guides and everyone you love and finish the ritual. 

And that’s it you guys, we really wish you can make the best connections ever in this Gemini season, 

Stay safe, be happy,
Byart Crystals Team

"Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself". 

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