Capricorn Season - Exclusive ritual

Hello Byarters,

We hope you've had some great insights from our blog about the Capricorn Season Highlights. This blog contains another exclusive zodiac ritual for this season. Let's start to reflect upon ourselves in this month's ritual!

(If you haven't checked the Capricorn Season Highlight blog yet, you can read it here).


What do you need for this month's ritual?

Take a candle and write - from its top to the bottom - the word “determination” on it, and on the other side of the candle - from the bottom to the top - write the the word “excuses”. Use some drops of hyperic essential oil rub it on the candle and on an onyx crystal.

Light up the candle and carefully energize the crystal with the heat from the fire (be careful with your skin). Now hold your crystal next to your heart and visualize yourself for a few moments taking an attitude of self responsibility and commitment. Do this for a few minutes.

Now number the challenges that stop you from this commitment. Imagine how these challenges can provide an excuse for you not to take this attitude, and even if it’s not possible for now, imagine yourself getting rid of these challenges.

Now take a piece of paper and place the crystal above it. Write a letter of contract imagining this is a contract between you and and your desires and the universe is witness to your efforts.

Write your name on it, describe the obligations you accept to fulfill in order to achieve your goals, and then state: ‘hereafter I compromise myself to let go of this behavior (state the ones you interpreted as excuses)”, and any other information that could represent a formal contract between you and this commitment. Sign your name and date, save this letter of contract in a safe place and open it to read in the next Capricorn season.

We really hope you can feel very accomplished in this season, good luck!

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