Sagittarius Season - Exclusive Ritual

Hello Byarters,

We hope you've had some great insights from our blog about the Sagittarius Season Highlights. This blog contains another exclusive zodiac ritual for this season. Let's bring our inner fire to light in this month's ritual!

(If you haven't checked the Sagittarius Season Highlight blog yet, you can read it here).


What do you need for this month's ritual?

  1. Put on some uplifting song, and even if it’s for a few seconds, hold the crystal for this season in your hands and dance like nobody’s watching! (The crystals are: Lapis LazuliBlue QuartzBlue Kyanite and Labradorite)

  2. Now sit down, and imagine your life a few years from now: picture an amazing trip or a moment you will be granted an award or some kind of recognition for your efforts

  3. Energize the crystal with all the expansion energy you can and place it on a piece of paper to energize it, and start to write about this perfect day:

    What did you do to achieve it?
    What are the food, drinks, etc you are having?
    Who are the people near you?
    What compliments do they give you?
    What have you learnt from this victory?

  4. Fold the piece of paper and place the crystal over it (when you are not using it for another purpose) until the end of the season and burn it on the last day.


And that’s it guys, we hope the path for your expansion opens and reveals itself!

Much love,
Byart Crystals

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