Libra Season - Exclusive Ritual

Hello lovely Byarters,

We're back again with an exclusive zodiac ritual for this season. Let's attract the needed energy we need to tap into the Libra frequency! 


For the ritual of this season you will need:

  • 40cm of a thin satin ribbon in light color (preferably pink, white, or even red)
  • A Pen
  • Crystal for Libra (Rose Quartz, Geen Quartz, Turquoise, Pink Tourmaline)
  • 1 White Candle
  • Honey
  • Powdered Cinnamon


  1. Concentrate your mind and feelings on images of happiness in relationships (this ritual can be focused on romantic ones, but if you are not at this moment in your life you can focus on interpersonal relations that are important for you or self-love).
  2. Mix the honey and the cinnamon, feeling the scent and energy of this mix. Cover the candle with it and light up your candle. Place your hands above the flames and say needs that you find non-negotiable in your relationships.
  3. Write down sentences with feelings or attitudes you have experienced in previous relationships and that you want to release. Burn this piece of paper

  4. Now, based on the reflections you made - on what you want to bring and what you want to release - cut the satin ribbon in two pieces.
  5. In one piece, write words representing what you want to bring to your relationships, things that you can compromise to give freely and willingly. On the other piece write things you want to receive from relationships, things you think it will make you happy and feel love and respected
  6. Put the crystal on your hands and repeat 3 times:

    “May I create a magic circle of love and respect around this crystal and myself”

  7. Take the two ribbons and intercalate turns, wrapping the crystal until their tips. While you do it, visualize you are creating, materializing and attracting these wishes for your future relationships.  
  8. Let the candle burn and let the ribbons on the crystal until the next day or until you find it necessary

And that’s it byarters! We hope you enter on a cycle of abundance and happy feelings with everyone around you in this Libra season!

Don´t forget to share with friends ;)

Much Libra love,
Byart Cyrstals Team


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