Scorpio Season - Exclusive Ritual

Hello Byarters,

We hope you've gained a lot of insights while reading the blog about the Scorpio Season Highlights. This blog has another exclusive zodiac ritual for this season. Let's improve our intuïtion with this month ritual!

(If you haven't checked the Scorpio Season Highlight blog yet, you can read it here).



For the ritual of this season you will need:
  • 4 pieces of paper with different numbers written on them or cards of an oracle if you have a deck
  • 4 different crystals of this season: Fire agate, GarnetPink TourmalineObsidian and Opal (or for the Cancer/Pisces seasons alternatively). 
  • A white candle
  • Sage or other incense for connection of your preference

As our intuition and connection with the immaterial world is something important in this season, we have a ritual which is an intuition practice.

  1. Clean the environment near you with the incense
  2. Light up the candle, place your hands carefully above it and say:

    “May the fire of transmutation open the doors for the connection with my guides and ancestors”

  3. Concentrate on the flame for a minute or so
  4. Place the 4 crystals in a grid on the 4 cardinal points: north, south, east, west

  5. Ask your guides and energy field to connect you with your third eye vision
  6. Shuffle the cards or pieces of paper being thoroughly mindful
  7. Place each card or piece of paper next to each crystal
  8. Take some time after you do it trying to see, listen or feel which one of them feels like the ones you're guessing. Check the results
  9. Repeat this exercise until you feel satisfied with how many of them you’ve guessed
  10. Thank your guides for answering to your intuition call


That was it for the mysterious Scorpio season! We wish you a loving month full growth!

Much love,
Byart Crystals 

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