Your Astrology Chart

Hey ByArters, 

This blog will explain why looking at your Astrological Chat can be helpful in learning more about yourself. 

Personalized Insights: Your astrological chart provides a personalized snapshot of the positions of the planets at the time of your birth. By identifying which houses your zodiac signs fall into, you gain insights into how these energies manifest in specific areas of your life.

Understanding Life Areas: Each astrological house represents different areas of life, such as career, relationships, home, and spirituality. By knowing which houses your zodiac signs occupy, you gain clarity on the life areas that are particularly influenced by these energies.

Integration of Astrology into Daily Life: Understanding the astrological houses adds depth and richness to your daily life. You can consciously work with the energies of your zodiac signs in different life areas, fostering alignment, balance, and harmony.

Info: In the second we were born, we had a specific alignment of planets in the sky, and this disposition tells the story of your life and soul. Psychologically speaking, it is the story of our personality, or archetypes, if you prefer to call so. The archetypes are the metaphors we use to translate the Stars language into something we can understand, e.g., Mars is the God of War, and the archetype of the warrior. A person with the warrior spirit (a strong Mars or Aries) can be someone who is always ready to go for what they want (and in an extreme way they can be ready to fight for it too, but remember: we have all the signs and planets in our zodiac birth chart). 

The astrology chart is divided in twelve parts called “houses” and each house corresponds to an area of your life. So if you want to find out what area you should focus to bring all of this revolutionary energy, you just have to find out what houses you are in.  

Here is a list for you to understand what the houses represent: 

1st House - Your personality people around you can see, self and appearance. 

 2nd House - Money, personal value and material life

 3rd House - Communication, thoughts, siblings, relatives, early education and commuting

 4th House - Family, your home, your relationship with your mother, psychological and ancestral roots

 5th House - Identity, self expression, childlike spirit, creativity, children,joy, romance

 6th House - Work habits, routine and health

 7th House - Relationships and business partnerships

 8th House - shared value and finances, crises, healing, transformations, inheritances, shadow work, sexuality

9th House IX - Learning, wisdom, life philosophy, justice, ethics, spirituality and religion, travelling

 10th House - Life purpose, career, social status and your relationship with your father

 11th House XI - friendships, social justice, social groups, the future and profits from your career

 House XII - dreams, faith, solitude, subconscious, spirituality, sacrifices, isolation, fears and hidden enemies (people and situations that can bring you some loss or limitation, even if it’s not intentional)



Text written by Naiara Tomayno.

A researcher and lively professional who works in different areas of the holistic world for over 15 years, Naiara Tomayno is a holistic therapist, astrologer and facilitator of processes on integrating knowledge for a New Consciousness.  Originally graduated in Teaching and Literature by the Federal University of Minas Gerais and the King 's College London, she understood that the world of formal education wouldn’t be enough for feeling a sense of accomplishment, and then she began researching different learnings and practices in contemporary spirituality and natural medicine. Nowadays, she applies the use of the astrology charts and the wisdom of crystals as a tool for self-care, healing and transformation.

"Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself". 

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