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Article: Pisces Season

Pisces Season

Pisces Season

19th February to 20th March


Hello byarters, 

We hope you had a unique Aquarius season, and now we can get ready for the magical Pisces days...

- Let’s check what Nai Tomayno (our Astrologer and Chrystal Therapist correspondent) has prepared for us: 

What to expect for Pisces Season?

Pisces Season: From 19th February to 20th March.

The concept supporting Pisces is truly inspiring: sensibility, intuition, healing, imagination, empathy, is a star sign that wows everyone connected to spirituality or the immaterial world! 

There is also something very aweing in the fact that Pisces is the last star sign in the zodiac year: it is responsible for the synthesis - overflow and connecting everyone as equals. 

Remember to pay some extra attention to your dreams! If your spiritual guides (if you believe them) or your Higher Self can contact you, this season they probably will. Why? We all receive the energy the sun is holding out and we can nourish the gifts of psychic dreaming, clairvoyance, and clearer access to intuition. 

The Piscean waters show we are a drop in the ocean and cannot be torn apart from the big waves of the rhythm of life. We are invited to plan, prepare, and give our biggest effort to life, but then accept the outcome: trust the universe knows what’s best for us. 

And since we are asking you to give faith a special place throughout your days, what about a little more faith - in yourself, your manifesting and attracting powers, and in the righteousness of the universe and life? Gratitude for what you already have will guide the way! 


Best Crystals for the Pisces Season

How to work with your crystals: As we learned in Aquarius, gems work the same way - you can place big stones on your front door to attract good energy to your life, and smaller ones on your work table and on accessories to carry this energy with you all day long. 

Our favorite crystals to work Pisces energy are: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Labradorite, Clear Quartz, Green Tourmaline, Blue Topaz.

 Raw Amethyst 

Other elements:

Regents: Jupiter and Neptune

Day of the week: Thursday

Number: 7

Animals: fish, dolphins and sea mammals

Color: light blue, sea green, white, mauve, silver

Herbs: lavender, angelica, passionflower, sage, myrrh

Much love,


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