Taurus Season Highlights

Hello byarters, 

We have learnt to empower our strength for new beginnings in the Aries season and now the universe wants us to make our desires something real and ongoing! 

So, let’s see what directions the astrologer Nai Tomayno brings to help us doing so:

What to expect to Taurus Season?

From 19th April to 20th May

Taurus is the zodiac sign which represents what is tangible and palpable, affection and the material world. 

Our need for love and comfort will be focused, so we need to do our best to make them work but also to understand the frustrations this focus might bring. In our relationships, we expect people to demonstrate their love by showing up. If you love somebody, be there for them. Eating something cosy together, a slow massage and taking your time for romance is going to make up for the effort.  

We also have an opportunity to detect where our financial prosperity lives, and the attention should be on what can be real, is really profitable for ourselves and gives us pleasure. Taurus reminds us we are in physical life and it's awesome to be in touch with nature (which is the best representation of the abundance in the universe) and anchored: it’s an invitation to visit the unspeakable pleasures of having our roots well grounded.   

Taurus appreciates what’s beautiful, solid, practical and expressive. Tolerance is going to be a fine virtue and the fruit is going to be savoury - for the ones who work hard and are patient enough. 

Special moments we should pay attention to: 

  • On the 22nd Venus meets Uranus and the forethought is: be prepared for the unpreparable, with love and finances. But don’t be afraid! Take this time for learning new things with liberty and surprise yourself with the outcome.
  • Mercury is going to meet Venus/Uranus providing intelligence, but then they are going to make a tense aspect to Saturn on the 25th. The challenge here is to provide for our freedom and overcome the limitations Saturn can bring. 
  • On the 28th Pluto goes on its retrograde motion (until the 6th October): it’s a time to review what we need to transform and put an end on what we have to let go. 
  • The full moon on the 27th is the moment to reunite the immaterial and the material world to achieve our desires.
  • In May, Mercury is in a tense aspect with Jupiter: don’t try to impose your truths on other people’s beliefs and make sure you’re not being intellectually arrogant. 

Crystals for the Taurus Season

How to work with your crystals: you can place big stones on your front door to attract stability to your life, and smaller ones on your work table and on accessories to carry this energy with you all day long. 

Our favorite crystals to work with Taurus energy are: 

Rose quartz, Green quartz, emerald, Byart’s crystal grid for abundance and money and the beads bracelet for connection with nature


Byart’s crystal grid for abundance and money



Other elements:

Regent: Venus

Day of the week: Friday

Number: 6

Animal: bull, elephant

Colour: green, earth tones, light pink

Herbs: saffron, thyme

And that’s it byarters, we really wish our dreams come true! May the Taurus season bring our prosperity into life.

Blessed be,  

Byart Team

>> Don't forget to check this season's crystal ritual in the next blog!

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