Crystals for Aries

Hello byarters, 

We are heading towards the astrological New Year and we hope it’s going to inspire us because we could definitely use a little extra motivation, right?

Let’s check what Nai Tomayno (our Astrologer and Chrystal Therapist correspondent) has to say about it: 

What to expect in Aries Season?

From 21th March to 19th April.

“Although no one can go back and make a brand-new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand-new ending” and we really hope you remember you’re included in “anyone”: the astrological New Year represents an opportunity for us to have another chance, and it’s another chance to start something new!

Aries season enables us to access our energy, motivation, spontaneity and enthusiasm. It helps us channel our strength to achieve a determined goal - and it also means movement. If we listen to our instincts and trust our guts, we’ll be able to incarnate the true warrior we have within ourselves. It can be a good time for being active, dynamic and objective, and it is also good for practicing sports, performing our leadership...and remember: the most important leadership we can accomplish is within our own actions and choices. It is also a time to learn how to fight for yourself, respect your individuality and be independent. 

However, something we might need to heal in our ego is competitiveness and reactivity; and we should focus on trying to use nonviolent communication. If you can be kind to people while you’re brave enough to protect your point of view, you’ll achieve perfect balance. 

Our hearts are Fire pulsing, and when we follow our passions, we can be fearless and eager. So, let’s get ready for reaping what we sow - just watch out to make sure your goals are ripe enough. 

Crystals for the Aries Season

How to work with your crystals: you can place big stones on your front door to attract initiative to your life, and smaller ones on your work table and on accessories to carry this energy with you all day long. 

Our favorite crystals to work with Aries energy are cornaline, rutile quartz, red jasper, grenade magnetite, and the crystal grid for fertility and sexuality.

Other elements:
Regent: Mars
Day of the week: Tuesday
Number: 9
Animal: tiger, ram
Color: red, scarlet
Herbs: rosemary, rue

And that’s it byarters, we hope you have an exciting Aries season, remember to listen to your desires and fight for what you want!


"Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself". 

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