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Discover our exquisite crystal collection! From healing stones to mesmerizing geodes, our curated selection brings positive energy and beauty to your life.

We have a selection of more than 100 crystals for beginners and also for the advanced collectors. 

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Crystal Consultation
Crystal Consultation Sale price€60,00
Orange Selenite - Crystals
Orange Selenite - Crystals Sale price€5,90
Imperial Topaz Stones - Natural Terminated Stones
Rainbow Fluorite Stones - Natural Unpolished Stones
Watermelon Tourmaline - Mini Crystal Bundles
Pink Tourmaline - Natural Stones
Pink Tourmaline - Natural Stones Sale priceFrom €14,00
Canga Rosa Pocket Edition - Special Rose Quartz
Green Tourmaline - Natural Stones
Raw Tiger Eye Stone - Crystals
Green Beryl - Natural Terminated Stones
Lepidolite (Purple Mica) - Pocket Edition
Blue Kyanite
Blue Kyanite Specimen Sale priceFrom €38,00
Amazonite crystal Tower
Amazonite Point Stone - Crystal Sale priceFrom €12,90
Paraiba Tourmaline - Rough Stones
Blue Apatite - Small Rough Stones
Blue Apatite - Bigger Rough Stones
Rutilated Hematite (Specimens)
Rutilated Hematite (Specimens) Sale priceFrom €37,00
Ametrine Rough Stone
Ametrine Rough Stone Sale price€14,90
Black tourmaline
Black Tourmaline Specimen - Crystal Sale priceFrom €39,90
Aquamarine Specimen - Intense Clear Blue
Orange Calcite Point - Crystal
Orange Calcite Point - Crystal Sale priceFrom €29,90
Rose Quartz point
Rose Quartz Point - Crystals Sale priceFrom €47,90
Green Quartz Point
Green Quartz Point - Crystals Sale priceFrom €40,90