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Manifestation Crystals Ritual

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The package contains:

1x Crystal Biterminated: recycles energies from negative to positive

1x Rose Quartz: (Self) Love energies

1x Amethyst (purple): Spiritual Connection

1x Aquamarine (blue): Anti-stress & courage

3x Citrine (yellow): Abundance & Magnetism

3x Black Tourmaline: Protection against negative energies

Combination Citrine & Black Tourmaline: supports dealing with limiting beliefs regarding abundance

1x Pyrite Pendant: Money (option: for you to wear)

1x Palo Santo: for cleaning the place.


How to do the Ritual

Burn the Palo Santo to clean the space.

In a piece of paper, draw a perfect circle.

Add the Crystal Biterminated in the middle (horizontally).

Add the other stones around, outside the circle.

Above the Biterminated Crystal, write down what you want for the next year.

Bellow, write down what you want to let go (to change)

Feel like the items in the list already has happened.

Say thank you and leave it for a day.

Take the stones out and keep the paper in a safe space, so you can check time to time.



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