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Heart Shaped Stones (Precise Cut)

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Beautifully crafted set of heart-shaped stones. Sold separatly.

1. Amethyst - helps to empower body mind and spirit.

2. Rose Quartz - helps to boost love life.

3 Aquamarine -  helps to bring positivity, vision & courage to speak the truth.

4. Clear Quartz - master healers and helps harmonizing the environment

Suggestion to pick - The Golden Triangle (By Emma Lucy, specialist in crystals)

The most common crystal combination is known as the “golden triangle.” This crystal set consist of a clear quartz, a rose quartz and an amethyst. They got their name because of the collaboration between these three gemstones from the quartz family. These three crystals strengthen each other’s effects and provide harmony in the room in which you place them. Amethyst helps with relaxing, clear quartz with cleansing and rose quartz with soothing. A great combo.

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