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Peruvian Pink Opal Tower

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Peruvian Pink Opal is a quite enchanting stone to use in meditation as its vibration makes is easy to use to connect with angels and teachers in the higher realms.

It may bring Spiritual awakening and also helps to stimulate intuitive gifts. 
It can aid emotional healing as it embodies a beautiful heart based spiritual energy. 
It helps relationships by stimulating feelings of love, compassion and forgiveness and helping you to let go of anger. 
Its vibration helps you to feel increased love for both yourself and your loved ones.

The healing properties of crystals like these are known to be related to helping health problems within the area of the physical heart.

This Pink Opal is a strong crystal for self love and has a strong heart chakra and higher heart chakra energy.

Option 01:

Weight: 180g.
Size: 13cm tall.

Option 02:

Weight: 124
Size: 10cm tall.

Option 03:

Weight: 97g.
Size: 10cm tall.

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