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Pointed Prism - Pendant - Various Gemstones

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Elevate your style with our exquisite Pendant Vertical Point that comes in various gemstone. Each pendant features a vertical design, showcasing the natural beauty and unique characteristics of the gemstones.

Rose Quartz is a delicate pink gemstone whispers of tender affection. Wear it close to your heart to invite love, compassion, and emotional healing.

Citrine is like a sunbeam captured in a stone, exuding warmth and joy. It's the gem of abundance, inviting prosperity into your life.

Amethyst with its purple hue, is your key to inner realms. It enhances intuition, calms the mind, and protects your energy.

Clear Quartz is known as the "Master Healer", reflecting light like a thousand prisms. It cleanses, energizes, and magnifies your intentions. Let it be your beacon of clarity and connection.

Black Obsidian is the midnight stone that shields you from negativity. It anchors you to the earth, providing stability and strength.

Lapis Lazuli's deep blue holds the secrets of the universe. It stimulates your third eye, revealing truth and expanding consciousness.

Green Quartz whispers growth and renewal. Its gentle green color soothes the heart and aligns you with natures rhythms.

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