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Rutilated Hematite (Specimens)

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Rutilated hematite is a variety which contains acicular (needle-like) inclusions of rutile. These inclusions mostly look golden, but they also can look silver, copper red or deep black.

Rutiles are extremely potent tools for connecting to the highest universal frequencies, working quickly to deliver truthful messages from the Divine.

Hematite is known for connecting the body to the earth. Grounding and protecting.

From The Crystal Bible, "Hematite is particularly effective at grounding and protecting.  It harmonizes mind, body, and spirit.  Psychologically, Hematite is strong. It supports timid women, boosts self-esteem and survivability, enhances willpower and reliability, and imparts confidence.  This stone removes self-limitations and aids expansion."

Unique and exclusive pieces.

There are 3 sizes: 

Small: 14g (1st video)

Medium: 19g (2nd video)

Large: 24g (3rd video)

Sold separately.

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