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Article: Leo Season

Leo Season

Leo Season

22nd July to 22nd August


Hi byarters, how are things so far? 

After Cancer season we are keeping a little bit of the drama but adding an enthusiastic and lively flavor to it! Leo season is coming... Which means it's going to be a big fiery ride. 

So rise and shine for the most solar season of the year!

What to expect from the Leo season?

From 22nd July to 22nd August

Leo is ruled by the sun, which is the luminary that represents our higher Self. It is a special time to connect not only with Leo’s energy but also with the zodiac sign of your sun and reinforce our self-esteem in a very personal way. Even without a sun sign in Leo, this season will have a big impact on everyone. Leo is the possibility of shining our inner fire, light, and inspiration.

It’s a good season for you to bring your projects to light, talk about them, and introduce them to the world. It can be just the right time to be in the spotlight. Of course, self-knowledge and self-analysis, therapy, and healing the pains of our inner child are going to be necessary.

Our inner child carries our ludic and creative self, so it will be necessary to take a deeper look at these hard feelings - what makes us feel embarrassed about ourselves - and heal it. Some other challenges we can experience can be connected to being prideful, stubborn, and arrogant...think about how all that can affect your decisions. 

Once we can overcome the drama, vanity, and conceit, Leo can help us be the most generous, cheerful, and playful as we can be. Leo’s energy can make our life more colorful and exciting. It’s a call for stepping our insecurity aside and taking the risks of being brave enough to be ourselves.

Put extra effort to forget about what other people will think, the doubt and the insecurity, and do something just because you love it and it makes you feel happy! Being brave is not only acting on courage but doing it even when you’re afraid.


What are the special moments for this season?

  • The season starts with a trine between Mercury and Neptune, the doors for spiritual connection and imagination are opened. 
  • Watch out for feelings of sorrow and grief, as on the 25th Mercury is opposite Pluto.
  • From the 27th of July to the 11th of August Mercury enters Leo and creativity and a high self esteem is going to be a key for communication. 
  • On the 28th Jupiter returns to Aquarius and our spirits will be driven to modernity, social justice, and the uniqueness of the individuals. 
  • Mars is opposite Jupiter on the 28th and enters Virgo on the 29th, be careful about exaggerating and being too demanding. 
  • When we enter August, on the 3rd and 4th, Mercury is a tense aspect with Uranus, our mind can be agitated: it’s not the best time for communication and organizing our thoughts. 
  • Between the 9th and the 10th, Venus is opposite Neptune and Mercury is opposite Jupiter, romance and communication are on a difficult path, so be as reasonable as possible. 
  • On the 16th Venus enters Libra and this is good news for romance, as Venus in Libra is the best position for relationships and balance between pairs. 

What crystals are best for Leo’s energy?

How to work with your crystals: you can place big stones on your front door to attract self-power to your life, and smaller ones on your work table and on accessories to carry this energy with you all day long. 

Our favorite crystals to work with Leo energy are Citrine, Pyrite, Sunstone and Tiger’s Eye.

Other elements:
  • Ruler: Sun
  • Day of the week: Sunday 
  • Number: 1
  • Animal: lions and cats
  • Color: orange, yellow and golden
  • Herbs: rosemary and anise

And that’s it for Leo season byarters, we hope you can experience a great collection of joy, warmth, and positivity.

Much love,



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